Dr. Who – Cottonopolis

This is a ‘Dr. Who’ script I wrote a few years back. It’s great; it’s got humour, action, Frederich Engels and a Dalek sex scene. Okay, it doesn’t have a Dalek sex scene but it’s still a lot of fun. And educational. A bit.

>>> Download the screenplay as a pdf  

Name of the Game

Alcoholism. Bigotry. Sex. Incompetence. It takes all this and more to make Britain’s number one family game show.

>>> Download the screenplay as a pdf


Insight is a pilot for a TV series. If I was pitching it to you (and you were a TV commissioning editor) I’d probably say something along the lines of “This show is like a cross between David Cronenberg’s ‘Scanners’ and ‘Dempsey & Makepeace'”. And you’d naturally want to read the script. You’d then love it and commission it.

>>> Download the screenplay as a pdf

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